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Bad Meat

The Drabblecast published this weird, gross little story, complete with inspiring sound effects.

Schooling for Coach

Forthcoming in Mysteries Trade Magazine, a zine featuring a glorious range of creations including this sudden fiction about a JV basketball team trying to learn a high-stakes new play from their biology teacher slash coach.

Separate Worlds

Check out PULP Literature Issue 41, Winter 2024, which includes “Separate Worlds”, my skippy fun flash about phones, tones, bones, and a little global meltdown. It’s just one possible answer to the age-old question for whom that bell tolls. I hope its truthy darkness resonates in you.

Dark Morsels

Sample the tasty darkness. A collection of eleven tiny fictions, including two new flashes to deepen that hollow, hopeless feeling we all cherish. Out now from Red Bird Chapbooks.

About Chip

Chip’s short fiction has appeared in PodCastle, Bourbon Penn, Daily Science Fiction, New Myths, PULP Literature, and lots of other markets. He’s published a fair amount of micro and flash fiction, including a collection of them called Dark Morsels with Red Bird Chapbooks.

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