About Chip

Chip Houser grew up in St. Louis, moving every other year as his parents renovated houses. This migratory habit continued to college in Kansas, and afterward in Italy, Germany, and Colorado. He’s currently a principal at JEMA, a small architectural studio in St. Louis, and has lived in the same house for longer than he’s lived anywhere else.

Chip’s short fiction has appeared in many markets, including PodCastle, Bourbon Penn, Every Day Fiction, New Myths, Daily Science Fiction, and The Arcanist. He’s published a fair amount of micro- and flash fiction, and a collection of them titled Dark Morsels is forthcoming from Red Bird Chapbooks. He has a Certificate in Creative Writing from Washington University, an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Missouri, and attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop. He’s been an associate editor for a literary magazine, Natural Bridge, read slush for a pro-rate science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, and co-edited the charity anthology Weird Dream Society.

Chip has doodled most of his life, most often cards for friends and family, but sometimes large illustrations. He doesn’t have any formal training, so every drawing is an adventure, which he kind of loves. He enjoys this aspect of his creativity, exploring his weird silliness without deadlines, without word counts, and without any real need to focus.

You can email him at houser.chip@gmail.com or find him on Twitter @chazzlepants.

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