Schooling for Coach

Forthcoming in Mysteries Trade Magazine, a zine featuring a glorious range of creations including this sudden fiction about a JV basketball team trying to learn a high-stakes new play from their biology teacher slash coach.

Separate Worlds

Check out PULP Literature‘s Winter 2024 issue, which will include my Editor’s Choice flash about phones and tones and a fun little global meltdown. It’s just one possible answer to the age-old question of who that bell is tolling for. I hope it resonates for you with some truthy darkness.

A Break from the Sky

This flash won first place in Backchannels Journal‘s 2022 fiction contest. The story mixes an airport with a cabin, adds a splash of nostalgia, and garnishes it with a shitty marriage. Give it a try, maybe it’s your kind of cocktail.

On Snowflake-veined Wings

A shortish, darkish tale about allergies and social media, and how the sudden escalation of one impacts the other. In Bourbon Penn #28.

Alpaca Lips

A father and his daughter are playing outside one fine afternoon . . .

Dark Morsels

Sample the tasty darkness. A collection of eleven tiny fictions, including two new flashes to deepen that hollow, hopeless feeling we all cherish. Out now from Red Bird Chapbooks.

Beetle in her Pocket

“I’m going to be an entomologist,” Isabelle says. Her dress doesn’t have a pocket, or she’d have brought one of her pets. Her hands feel empty.

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